So, you buy a brand-new vehicle; it’s got that new car smell, only 27 miles on the odometer, and paper plates. Driving home from the dealership you get caught behind a gravel truck, and suddenly your fresh and shiny ride is peppered with scuffs and scratches and nicks. All the excitement drains away at the thought of getting that hood and bumper repainted, but will it match? Wishing you got that Clear Bra at the Dealership? You can claim insurance but then that claim follows the car, and it’s already diminished in value enough. What could’ve prevented that headache? The answer is Clear.

Clear Bra, to be exact.

What is it?

Clear Bra is a transparent, virtually invisible film made from a super-durable polyurethane plastic specifically designed for paint protection (often referred to as PPF or Paint Protection Film). Its primary use is to protect your vehicle’s paint and finish from miscellaneous road debris that would typically cause nicks, dings, scratches, and dents.

Why do I need it?

Your vehicle is often one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Protecting that investment from the start helps maintain its value by preserving its finish far and beyond the normal wear and tear someone would expect to see on a used vehicle down the road. In fact, having a professionally installed Clear Bra by Centennial’s car detailing experts at SpeedEFX could potentially INCREASE your its trade-in value, saving you tons of money and likely paying for itself in the long run.

How long does it take to install?

Clear Bra installations at our Centennial, CO shop usually range from 1 to 4 hours, all depending on the vehicle itself as well as the areas you choose to protect.

How long does it last?

A professionally installed and properly maintained car’s Clear Bra installation from our Centennial detailing shop could last an upwards of 10 years. The semi-permanent nature of the film means it’s safe and long-lasting, but can always be removed and replaced if need be.

Do I Clear Bra the entire car? Or just the front?

Clear Bra can be installed on virtually any surface, from the hood, head/fog lights, side-view mirrors, bumper, fenders, etc. Deciding what areas to protect is mostly dependent on your driving habits and the condition of the roads where you travel most frequently. Regularly traveling on dirt and gravel roads would obviously benefit from the most protection possible, whereas just a weekend ride that only cruises on the highway would only need basic levels of protection.

Who do we partner with?

Xpel is our primary partners for Clear Mask.

The lesson here is, don’t wait until it’s too late. Prevent that headache before it starts with proper protection from the get-go. Protect your investment and ride with the comfort and confidence of knowing you’re protected.

Contact our office to learn more about our services for Clear Bra installations and paint protection films (PPF) in centennial.

The answer is Clear. Clear Bra.

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