The Maserati MC20 Enhanced With Forged Carbon Fiber by SpeedEFX

 We’ve always prided ourselves on pushing the boundaries of automotive customization, and our latest project with a Maserati MC20 is a prime example of this ethos. This Italian beauty arrived at our shop with a clear purpose: to undergo a metamorphosis that would not only enhance its aesthetics but also its performance – and the results were nothing short of breathtaking.


The Vision: A Forged Carbon Fiber Dream

The goal was ambitious but clear – outfitting the Maserati MC20 with a full forged carbon fiber bodykit from the renowned designers at 7Design. This kit is the epitome of luxury and performance, perfectly embodying the spirit of the MC20. The kit includes a front lip, canards, side skirts, rear diffuser, roof scoop, hood vent accents, and a rear wing. Each of these components was meticulously engineered for an impeccable fit, ensuring the final product would maintain the MC20’s sleek lines and superior performance.

Closeup of the Aria Forged Carbon Fiber Bodykit Sideskirt from 7DesignHouse
Closeup shot of the MV Forged x 7Deisgn House Forged Carbon Fiber Wheel

The Wheels: A Collaborative Creation

But why stop there? In collaboration with MV Forged and 7Design, we equipped the MC20 with a set of stunning forged carbon fiber wheels. These wheels are more than just a statement piece; they’re a perfect synergy of form and function, enhancing the vehicle’s dynamic handling while adding to its aggressive stance.

The Soundtrack: A Full Exhaust System

No transformation is complete without addressing the soundtrack of such an illustrious car. We installed a full exhaust system, which not only improved the MC20’s performance but also gave it a deeper, more resonant growl, befitting of its enhanced status.

Maserati MC20 With 7Design Aria Forged Carbon Fiber Bodykit & Forged Carbon Fiber MV Forged Wheels
Maserati MC20 with forged carbon fiber bodykit from 7Design House and forged carbon fiber wheels from MV Forged

The Installation: Precision and Expertise

At SpeedEFX, we understand that the beauty of such modifications lies not just in the components themselves, but in the precision of their installation. Our team of experts ensured that each piece of the forged carbon fiber body kit fitted flawlessly, achieving an OEM fit and finish that seamlessly blended with the MC20’s original design. This attention to detail is what sets SpeedEFX apart and what makes our projects stand out in the automotive world.

The Debut: Show-Stopping at SEMA

Upon completion, this custom Maserati MC20 was more than just a car; it was a masterpiece set to make its debut on one of the biggest stages for automotive innovation – The SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The car was featured at the DNA Motoring booth, drawing admiration and awe from car enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Maserati MC20 with forged carbon fiber bodykit from 7Design House and forged carbon fiber wheels from MV Forged

The Photoshoot

Enjoy this video showcasing the many details in the process of turning this MC20 into a masterpiece! 

Conclusion: Where Art Meets Automotive Excellence

This project was more than just a job for us at SpeedEFX; it was a passion project that allowed us to showcase our dedication to automotive excellence. The Maserati MC20, with its full forged carbon fiber body kit and wheels, is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets craftsmanship.

For those inspired by this transformation, we invite you to bring your vision to us. Whether it’s for the SEMA Show or just the open road, SpeedEFX is here to turn your automotive dreams into reality. Stay tuned for more stories of transformation, innovation, and automotive artistry.