A Leap of Precision: Installing the Vorsteiner Chassis Mounted Wing on a McLaren 570s at SpeedEFX

The Vision

The SpeedEFX garage recently played host to a stunning McLaren 570s, an exemplar of British automotive prowess, brought to us for a specialized installation that would enhance its aerodynamics and aesthetic appeal: a Vorsteiner chassis-mounted wing.

The installation of a chassis-mounted wing is not for the faint of heart; it involves precise measurements and irreversible alterations to the vehicle’s bodywork. For this task, we employed a highly accurate laser system to ensure the perfect positioning of the wing supports. This task was taken with utmost seriousness, as it necessitates cutting into the 570s’s rear bumper – a maneuver that leaves no room for error.

The process began with an intensive preparation phase, with the laser system helping to map out the exact location for the wing supports. This precision is critical, as these supports bolt directly onto the chassis of the McLaren, residing behind the rear bumper. Incorrect positioning could result in sub-optimal performance, or worse, damage to the vehicle.

Once the measurements were taken, the team proceeded with multiple rounds of cross-verification. We double, even triple-checked our measurements, understanding the importance of this step. Once confident in our preparations, we moved onto the actual cutting.

Making alterations to the sculpted rear bumper of a McLaren 570s is a daunting prospect, but our experienced team handled it with the utmost care and precision. As we made the cutouts for the wing supports, the seriousness of the task at hand was palpable, but so was our commitment to perfection.

Following the successful incision, the Vorsteiner chassis-mounted wing was ready for installation. Bolting the supports onto the chassis, we marveled at the seamless blend of the wing with the McLaren’s overall design. The wing added a new dimension to the 570s, accentuating its sporty lines while promising enhanced aerodynamics and stability at high speeds.

At SpeedEFX, we are passionate about precision and attention to detail. The installation of the Vorsteiner chassis-mounted wing on the McLaren 570s was a testament to this commitment. The result was a transformed supercar, flaunting its new wing with elegance and grace, ready to take on the roads with newfound flair.

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