Lamborghini Huracan Fade

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One of our great customers came to us with a wild idea to make his Lamborghini Huracan stand out!

  • Custom Lamborghini Huracan Fade Designed in House at SpeedEFX
  • Printing / Production in house on our Roland Solvent Large Format Printers
  • Installation In-House
  • Forged Carbon Printed accents by SpeedEFX
  • High Heat Caliper Paint to match the gradient fade
  • Ceramic Pro Coating to protect from staining and harmful UV Rays
Lamborghini Huracan Wrap by SpeedEFX

Starting with a consultation we came to the agreement on designing this Lamborghini Huracan to bring one of his favorite colors into the theme. We decided to do a gradient faded wrap with a special metal flake laminate. Our team got to work with some professional 3D renders using XIX 3D software which gave a vision to our client. We were able to have this prepped within minutes of the customer leaving our facility. SpeedEFX prides itself on efficiency and quality final products in all elements of our business.

The wrap design was officially in progress and we had to focus heavily on a seamless process from start to finish. Using accurate wrap templates for a Lamborghini Huracan, we were able to make a seamless gradient from the front of the car to the back. Hitting that accurate fade, makes or breaks the wrap so our execution has to be flawless. Our client settled on a White to Teal color fade with the white being at the front and the teal at the back. We gave him the option to see it both ways and this is the direction he decided to go. Once approved we moved into the print product phase.

Lamborghini Huracan Fade - Detail Shot of Headlight

We choose to print on Solvent Printers to ensure bright and accurate prints. Solvent printers use gasses to lay down the ink so there is an outgassing period to follow after the prints are complete. Once the film has a proper outgassing time based on the saturation levels we move forward with the lamination process. Laminating the film is a precise operation that has to be flawless to avoid flaws or complications in the installation process. We pride ourselves in taking every precaution necessary to provide the best possible product for our clients.

Once the lamination process is completed, we head to the cutting table to trim and label the panels for installation. We use cutting tools for a nice straight cut giving our installers the best chance at nailing that nearly perfect installation. This entire process is completed prior to the arrival of the vehicles appointment allowing our techs the time needed to perform a professional installation. We pride ourselves in being one of the best installation shops in the wrap industry.

Lamborghini Huracan Fade showing Forge Carbon by SpeedEFX

After a few weeks of waiting the customer arrives for his appointment! This specific car was wrapped by us once before using a beautiful light blue color from Avery Dennison. The appointment starts off with a wrap / adhesive removal so that we can prep the vehicle for the new wrap it is getting! Each wrap is carefully analyzed and planned prior to disassembly. Some cars require more disassembly than others and this specific care requires quite a bit of work to prep it for the wrap. On this Lamborghini Huracan, we will be removing bumpers, mirrors and various other panels to ensure a quality wrap for the longest time possible.

The wrap process starts carefully with the side so it is seamless to the back, roof, hood and bumpers. We decided to angle the fade and transition the fade over the roof giving is a seamless appearance over the opposite side which gives the passenger side a mirrored look to the driver side. We made sure to add our special touch with a metal flake laminate that allows the car to sheen in the sunlight.

On the previous wrap we did for this client he chose flowers for the door jambs but this time around we wrapped it to match the gradient. To finish off the look we added some of our custom printed and manufactured Forged Carbon making a sweet final product. The car was then coated with a Ceramic Pro Bronze coating to help protect the wrap from harmful UV damage making it easier for the client to clean and care for.

The final stage of the process was to make his calipers unique to the rest of the car. We decided to paint match the calipers with high heat caliper paint along with some custom Lamborghini Huracan permanent adhesive decals to flow with the wrap. The Front Calipers were done in a white with the rear calipers being done in a teal. The final outcome was tremendous and has been featured all over the world.

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