The McLaren 720S Carbon Fiber Transformation at SpeedEFX

In the world of supercars, the McLaren 720S stands out for its unparalleled performance and striking design. But at SpeedEFX, we believe there’s always room to push the boundaries of excellence. That’s exactly what we did with a recent project that rolled into our shop: a McLaren 720S that underwent a spectacular transformation, reinforcing its status as a pinnacle of automotive engineering and aesthetics.


A Full Carbon Fiber Makeover

The project commenced with a bold vision: to equip the McLaren 720S with a full carbon fiber bodykit, enhancing its aggressive stance and aerodynamic efficiency. Carbon fiber is renowned for its lightweight properties and strength, making it the ideal material for supercars where every kilogram matters.

The comprehensive bodykit included several key components designed to accentuate the McLaren’s already striking appearance:

  • A sleek front lip for improved downforce and front-end aesthetics
  • Aggressive sideskirts to streamline the silhouette
  • Front headlight housings that blend seamlessly with the car’s sharp angles
  • A dynamic rear wing, enhancing both form and function
  • Front bumper vents for optimized airflow
  • A meticulously designed rear diffuser for superior aerodynamic performance
Gabe Installing The new Rear Diffuser For The Mclaren 720s
New Carbon Fiber Diffuser For This Mclaren 720s Waiting To Be Installed

Precision and Expertise

The installation of the carbon fiber bodykit was a testament to our team’s expertise and attention to detail. This process involved the full removal and disassembly of the front bumper, a task that requires precision to avoid damaging the intricate components of the 720S. Similarly, the removal of the rear wing was executed with the utmost care, ensuring that the new carbon fiber replacement would fit flawlessly and maintain the vehicle’s aerodynamic integrity.

A Shield for Every Piece

To safeguard the new carbon fiber components, we applied Paint Protection Film (PPF) to every piece. This step is crucial for preserving the pristine condition of the carbon fiber, protecting it from road debris, scratches, and the elements. PPF ensures that the McLaren’s enhanced aesthetics are maintained without compromising the material’s integrity or appearance.

Mark Installing PPF On The New Carbon Fiber Front Lip
Mclaren 720s Sitting on Vossen Forged S21-01

Vossen Forged S21-01 Wheels

No transformation is complete without the perfect set of wheels. For this McLaren 720S, we chose Vossen Forged S21-01 wheels, known for their exceptional design and durability. These wheels complement the car’s aggressive lines and contribute to its overall performance. Using our touchless mount and balance machines, we equipped the McLaren with new tires, ensuring a smooth and precise fit without risking any damage to the wheels or the car itself.

Conclusion: A McLaren Reimagined

The completion of this project left us with a McLaren 720S reimagined in its finest form. The full carbon fiber bodykit, protected meticulously with PPF, and the addition of Vossen Forged wheels, have elevated this vehicle to new heights of style and performance.

At SpeedEFX, we pride ourselves on transforming dreams into reality, and this McLaren 720S is a vivid embodiment of that ethos. It’s not just about enhancing the car’s physical appearance but about pushing the envelope of what’s possible, ensuring every vehicle that leaves our shop stands out as a masterpiece of automotive art.

Stay tuned to our blog for more stories of transformation, where passion for cars and craftsmanship converge to create the extraordinary.