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1016 Industries is a brand known for their groundbreaking designs and innovative materials. Their kits often feature carbon fiber, a material prized for its strength-to-weight ratio. A 1016 Industries body kit not only adds a unique visual appeal to your vehicle but also improves aerodynamics and reduces overall vehicle weight.

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Enter the world of high-performance auto customization, where 1016 Industries reigns supreme with their unparalleled carbon fiber body kits. Known for creating some of the most exquisite aftermarket carbon fiber body kits for supercars and performance wagons, 1016 Industries has recently expanded their portfolio to include the iconic British SUV, the Range Rover. Using innovative composite printing processes, they have crafted a first-of-its-kind carbon fiber kit for the latest iteration of this prestigious vehicle, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

1016 Industries offers body kits in two distinct designs – widebody and narrow-body – designed to fit any trim level of the Range Rover. The widebody kit is a comprehensive package that includes a front lip and bumper insert, side skirts, fender arches, a rear diffuser with tips, and a roof spoiler. Customers have the option to customize their kits with three distinct finishes: Paintable FRP, Twill Carbon Fiber, and Forged Carbon Fiber.

For those who prefer a more streamlined look, the narrow-body kit is an excellent choice. This kit includes all the components of the widebody kit, but without the fender arches. Just like the widebody kit, the narrow-body kit is available in Paintable FRP, Twill Carbon Fiber, and Forged Carbon Fiber finishes.

In addition to these body kits, 1016 Industries also offers ‘Hood Spikes’ for Range Rovers, available in the same range of finishes: Paintable FRP, Twill Carbon Fiber, and Forged Carbon Fiber.

The 1016 Industries carbon fiber body kits not only offer protection but also add a purposeful and menacing aesthetic to your vehicle without compromising on elegance. The widebody kit’s front bumper features a split lower grille design, giving the front fascia a sporty look. This aesthetic is beautifully complemented by tasteful side skirts and a rear bumper. These features pair exceptionally well with the extended arches of the widebody kit, creating a cohesive and aggressive appearance.

1016 Industries CEO, Peter Northrop, is proud of their Range Rover program, describing it as their most thoroughly engineered kit to date. This is a true testament to the success and efficiency of their production and development partners. Experience the future of automotive customization with 1016 Industries’ carbon fiber body kits.

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