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Welcome to SpeedEFX, the premier XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation shop in Centennial. With a dedicated team of certified professionals and our valuable partnership with XPEL, a global leader in the automotive protection industry, we are the go-to choice for comprehensive paint protection solutions.

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At SpeedEFX, we cater to a broad range of customer needs and vehicle finishes. We proudly offer protection packages for both painted and vinyl wrapped applications, ensuring optimal protection and longevity for every kind of vehicle finish.

Our services feature a range of renowned Paint Protection Films (PPF) from XPEL, designed to meet specific requirements. Our auto shop in Centennial offers clear bra installation of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS, a virtually invisible film that safeguards your car’s paint from unsightly damage, and XPEL STEALTH, perfected to preserve satin paint jobs and matte finishes.

Centennial Car Clear Bra Installation
Paint Protection FIlm (PPF) in Centennial

Elevated protection

To elevate our protection offerings, we also provide XPEL FUSION PLUS, a ceramic coating engineered to bond with the PPF. This coating not only enhances the depth and gloss of your car’s paint but also increases its hydrophobic properties, effectively repelling water and reducing the propensity for staining and contamination. Moreover, this ceramic coating protects against harmful UV rays and offers an additional shield for vinyl wraps, ensuring your vehicle’s finish remains vibrant and intact.

At SpeedEFX, we are committed to accommodating your unique protection needs. In addition to using XPEL’s advanced DAP (Design Access Program) software for precise application of the XPEL Paint Protection Film, we also offer Bulk Rolling for an additional fee. This service provides even more customization, allowing us to add as much or as little coverage as you desire.

world-class XPEL Products

Investing in XPEL products with SpeedEFX ensures you receive top-tier protection, backed by a robust 10-year warranty against defects like yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering, and delaminating. This is a testament to XPEL’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Since its inception in 1997, XPEL has been a torchbearer of innovation and customer satisfaction in the automotive protection industry.

Car Clear Bra Installation in Centennial
Centennial Paint Protection FIlm (PPF)

Let us partner with you

As Centennial’s leading clear bra installation shop, SpeedEFX is renowned for its expertise and exceptional service. Our dedicated team, coupled with world-class XPEL products, ensures your vehicle, whether painted or vinyl wrapped, remains protected, maintains its aesthetic appeal, and holds its value. Entrust your vehicle to SpeedEFX, and let us partner with you in preserving its beauty and integrity for the years to come with our paint protection film (PPF) installation in Centennial.

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