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Welcome to SpeedEFX, your reliable partner in finding the perfect set of wheels for your vehicle. We understand that sometimes, your unique taste may require something that isn’t available in our current inventory. This is why we provide a bespoke service that enables you to order custom wheels that aren’t listed on our website.

At SpeedEFX, we are committed to helping you achieve your dream aesthetic for your vehicle. We are connected to a vast network of high-quality wheel manufacturers, allowing us to source a wide variety of unique wheel designs that cater to your specific preferences.

The Custom Wheel Ordering Process

  1. Define Your Specifications: The first step in ordering custom wheels is to define your preferences and specifications. This includes the wheel size, type, finish, and any other specific features you desire. It’s also important to know the specifications of your vehicle, as this will help us determine the compatibility of the custom wheels.

2. Get In Touch With Us: Once you’ve defined your specifications, reach out to our dedicated sales team via phone, email, or our website’s contact form. Provide us with the necessary information about the wheels you want, and we’ll start the process of sourcing them.

3. Confirmation and Payment: After we’ve sourced your custom wheels, we’ll provide you with a detailed summary of the specifications and an estimated delivery timeline. Once everything is confirmed and payment is processed, we will place the order on your behalf.

4. Shipping and Installation: As soon as your custom wheels arrive, we will contact you to arrange shipping or installation, based on your preference.


Please note, ordering custom wheels can take longer than purchasing wheels from our existing inventory due to the sourcing and manufacturing process. We will provide an estimated timeline and keep you updated throughout the process.

At SpeedEFX, we aim to make your dream car a reality. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our existing selection, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us help you find the perfect custom wheels for your vehicle. Our dedicated sales team is always ready to assist you in turning your vision into reality.

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