Rohana Wheels offers three unique collections including the all-new Forged Series, the Rolled Forged Series and the one that started it all, the RC Series.
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Welcome to our Rohana Wheels section at SpeedEFX. Rohana Wheels, a leading name in the wheel industry, is renowned for creating high-quality, stylish, and performance-oriented wheels. Embracing a philosophy of innovation and quality, Rohana is committed to pushing the boundaries of modern wheel designs while maintaining exceptional performance.

Investing in Rohana Wheels means choosing superior quality, exceptional design, and enhanced performance. Browse our collection and discover the perfect set of Rohana wheels to give your vehicle an elevated, unique look. Our dedicated sales team is on standby to help with any inquiries or orders.

(Note: Product availability can change based on current inventory. Please contact us for the latest information.)

Types of Wheels by Rohana


1. RF Series

The RF Series from Rohana boasts a collection of rotary forged wheels designed to be lightweight without sacrificing strength. Their intricate designs, optimized for both performance and aesthetics, make them an excellent choice for auto enthusiasts.

2. RC Series

Rohana’s RC Series features stunning multi-piece wheels. These allow for a vast range of customization options, ensuring a unique look that stands out from the crowd while providing high-performance attributes.

3. RFX Series

The RFX Series pushes the boundaries of design with cutting-edge, unique wheel styles. These wheels are known for their advanced rim barrel technology and distinctive designs, setting a new standard for excellence.

4. Forged Series

Rohana’s Forged Series represents the pinnacle of wheel design. Crafted from a single piece of aluminum, these wheels provide superior strength while maintaining a light weight, offering an unparalleled balance of performance and style.


Wheel Finishes by Rohana

Rohana offers a vast selection of finishes to give your wheels a personalized touch:

1. Standard Finishes

Rohana’s standard finishes include options like Matte Black, Gloss Black, Brushed Titanium, and Gloss Red, among others, offering timeless elegance.

2. Metallic Finishes

For those seeking a gleaming, premium look, metallic finishes such as Brushed Gold, Brushed Bronze, and Polished Aluminum are available.

3. Custom Finishes

If you’re seeking a truly unique aesthetic, Rohana offers custom finishes. Whether you wish to match your vehicle’s paint or opt for a bold, contrasting color, the choice is yours.

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