Our Own Artistic Endeavor: The SpeedEFX Acura NSX in Limited Edition PWF Beach Bum

At SpeedEFX, we aren’t just in the business of transforming vehicles; we’re passionate enthusiasts who live and breathe automotive aesthetics. This is perfectly showcased in one of our recent projects, involving none other than a shop car, owned by SpeedEFX co-founder Seth—an Acura NSX, a masterpiece that blends artistry with sheer speed.


Seth’s vehicle of choice for this re-wrap project, the Acura NSX, is already an icon of modern supercars. Known for its innovative blend of performance, technology, and style, the NSX was a fitting canvas for Seth’s latest vision: a full color change wrap in the newly-released, limited edition Beach Bum from Platinum Wrapping Film (PWF).

Beach Bum isn’t just a vibrant and attractive color. It holds a certain level of exclusivity, given that it is a limited edition vinyl, one of only sixty rolls ever produced. This aura of uniqueness undoubtedly adds an extra level of allure to Seth’s NSX.

Removing the old vinyl wrap was the first step in the transformation process, requiring meticulous care to ensure the NSX’s integrity was perfectly maintained. The re-wrapping process, on the other hand, was an intricate dance of precision and dedication. It demanded the removal of the Artisan Spirits bodykit that wrapped all the way around the car, as well as the quarter panels, rear bumper, A pillar panels, and the engine cover.

Each component of the Artisan Spirits bodykit was wrapped in the eye-catching Beach Bum hue, excluding the front canards which were wrapped black. The decision to wrap the front canards black helped create a clean and uniform look, complementing the existing black trim and accents on the front of the car.

Once the transformation was complete, it was time to bring the NSX back together. The quarter panels, rear bumper, engine cover, A pillar panels, and bodykit were all carefully reinstalled. To ensure that the car’s vibrant new look stayed unblemished, we installed Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (PPF) on the entire front end, including vulnerable parts of the Artisan Spirits bodykit, like the front lip and canards.

The project was topped off with a ceramic coating, adding an extra level of shine and durability to the car’s stunning new color. The result? An Acura NSX that is as unique as its owner, sporting a color that you won’t see on any other vehicle on the road.

At SpeedEFX, our work is driven by our passion for the automotive world. Whether we’re transforming a customer’s vehicle or one of our own, we approach each project with the same level of dedication and expertise. Stay tuned to our blog for more stories of our transformative work.