A Symphony in Purple: The Rebirth of a Twin Turbo Dodge Viper ACR at SpeedEFX

The Vision

Welcome to another transformation tale from SpeedEFX, where the power of craftsmanship meets the beauty of imagination. Today’s protagonist is an absolute beast – a Twin Turbo Dodge Viper ACR, known for its raw power and bold styling.

The owner of this unique vehicle brought it to us seeking a fresh, dynamic look that would match its high-octane performance. The mission: a complete color change wrap, the addition of racing stripes, full body paint protection film (PPF), and a ceramic coating. Not a task for the faint-hearted, but at SpeedEFX, we thrive on such challenges.

Our journey began with the choice of color. After exploring multiple options, we landed on an undeniably eye-catching hue: Platinum Wrapping Film (PWF) Petal Pusher Purple. This distinctive shade is known for its depth and richness, giving the Viper a head-turning new look. While the full color change wrap was in progress, we also added racing stripes to the mix. A nod to the Viper’s motorsport heritage, the racing stripes enhanced the car’s muscular contours and added a sporty flair to its already imposing presence.

While aesthetics were an essential part of this transformation, protection was also a priority. To safeguard the Viper’s new look, we covered the entire body with Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF. This high-quality film provides robust defense against stone chips, scratches, and other potential damage, helping to keep the car looking as good as new.

To top off this project, we applied a ceramic coating, a crucial step that not only enhances the shine and depth of the color but also provides an extra layer of protection. The ceramic coating makes cleaning easier and helps to preserve the longevity of the wrap and PPF.

With the last stroke of the ceramic coating applied, the metamorphosis was complete. The Twin Turbo Dodge Viper ACR emerged from our shop looking nothing short of spectacular in its new Petal Pusher Purple attire, ready to turn heads and quicken pulses on the road.

At SpeedEFX, we believe every car has the potential to be a canvas, showcasing the style and personality of its owner. Our work with this Dodge Viper ACR is a testament to that ethos. Follow our blog to see more of our transformation stories and remember, whether you’re seeking style, protection, or both, SpeedEFX is here to bring your automotive vision to life.