SpeedEFX Builder Series for Kids

SpeedEFX is giving some special kids the opportunity to work with the pros!

Over the summer of 2024, SpeedEFX is bringing a new monthly program to some young car enthusiasts!  We will be featuring multiple Builder Sessions with our Professional Vehicle Restyling Team.  The Builder Sessions will include 1/24 scale vehicles from Maistro called the Assembly Line!  We will be announcing each monthly build on our Social Media Channels and will put the registrations into a non-biased name generator.  8 Lucky Kids will be selected each month to participate!  We do this to not only support the younger generation falling in love with cars, but also to give some local parents some much needed rest and relaxation as we build with the kids!  With each session, the kids will be taken on a tour on our facility at SpeedEFX and will get to learn a bit about what we do.  We will end each session with a Custom Build of the Month for each of the kids.  There is absolutely no cost to participate.  SpeedEFX gives back to kids and will be providing the Builder Cars and the precious time from our installers!  If you have any questions, please ask!  To register your child please submit the form below.  You must be within 30 milles of our SpeedEFX Headquarters in Centennial, Colorado to participate.  One Session per child as the spots are limited.  Best of luck on getting that special phone call from our team!

Do you have what it takes?!

The SpeedEFX Builder Program will only be available to children 7-12 years old.  Boy or Girl!  We encourage both.  We do not have the capacity to put a technician with each child so some coordination and strong cognitive ability should be present.  The plan is to take a short amount of time out of your weekend and allow the child to leave with something they can be proud they built!

We plan to do a drawing in June, July, August of 2024 so please feel free to enter each time if you are not chosen the first time!  This page will be updated with the new car we are doing for that month!  We will announce the winners on Social Media but also protect their precious identities!  We are not collecting any information other than a first name and the parent or gaurdian that will be joining them at our event!  Best of luck!


SpeedEFX Builders Series for Kids

READY TO have the best time building with the Pros at SpeedEFX?

Fill out the form below for your chance to get chosen for the SpeedEFX Builder Series.  We expect quite a few applicants so please understand not everyone will get the chance!  We wish you the best on getting your "build on" with SpeedEFX!

SpeedEFX Builder Series for Kids Registration Form

SpeedEFX Builder Series for Kids Registration Form for Monthly entry in our non-biased opportunity to get to build with the pros at SpeedEFX!

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