Behind the Scenes with a Lamborghini Urus Performante

Today we’ll dive into a recent project that rolled into SpeedEFX, featuring none other than the Lamborghini Urus Performante. This powerhouse of a vehicle didn’t just need a little TLC; it needed the full VIP treatment, and that’s exactly what we gave it!


A Fresh Look with XPEL Stealth PPF

The project kicked off with a full-body application of XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film. For those who might not be familiar, PPF is a nearly invisible film that protects against scratches, chips, and stains. The Stealth version has a matte finish that really enhances the Urus Performante’s naturally aggressive aesthetic.

Applying PPF is a detailed process that starts with a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt or impurities from the vehicle’s surface. We then carefully measured and cut the film to fit each panel of the Urus using XPEL’s precision cut templates, ensuring every inch of the body was covered seamlessly. We utilize templates in order to minimize cutting on the car’s paint. It’s a bit like putting together a giant, high-stakes jigsaw puzzle, where precision is key! Especially on the front bumper of the Urus Performante which alone has 72 individual pieces of PPF to be installed.

Seth installing XPEL Stealth PPF on the mirror of the Urus Performante
Seth installing XPEL Ceramic Tint on the Urus Performante front passenger window

Cooling Down with XPEL Ceramic Tint

Next up was the XPEL Ceramic Tint for the windows. This isn’t your average window tint. The ceramic technology in the film not only reduces heat and glare but also protects the interior by blocking harmful UV rays. Installing window tint involves cutting the film to precisely match the shape of each window, applying it carefully, and ensuring there are no bubbles or wrinkles. It’s meticulous work, but the payoff is a cooler, more comfortable ride and privacy to boot.

The Final Touch: Ceramic Coating

To top off this project, we applied a ceramic coating over the entire vehicle, including the newly installed Stealth PPF. Ceramic coatings create a hard, protective layer on top of the film, enhancing its durability and making the car much easier to clean. The coating process involves applying the liquid ceramic evenly across the surface, then allowing it to cure. Once cured, it forms a protective shell that adds an extra level of gloss and shields the paint from environmental contaminants.

Lamborghini Urus Performante with majority of Stealth PPF installed, front bumper yet to be protected

The End Result

By the time we were done, the Lamborghini Urus Performante looked stunning (not that it didn’t before!) but now it also had a level of protection befitting its status. The matte finish of the PPF, the comfort provided by the ceramic tint, and the added durability of the ceramic coating all work together to keep this beast looking its best.

At SpeedEFX, every car that comes through our doors gets the star treatment. This Lamborghini Urus Performante was no exception, and we loved every minute of working on this beast. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes looks at what we do best – keeping your rides in peak condition!

Looking to give your vehicle a similar level of care? Drop us a line or swing by the shop. Let’s chat about how we can keep your car looking sharp and driving smooth.