Gold Standard: The Transformative Journey of a Lamborghini Aventador at SpeedEFX

The Vision

At SpeedEFX, our passion lies in transforming automotive dreams into stunning realities. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with our latest project, a Lamborghini Aventador that came to us seeking a complete transformation.

When the Aventador first rolled into our shop, it wore a vinyl wrap from another shop and sported a variety of carbon fiber pieces. The owner had a new vision for his ride – a carbon fiber body kit, a gold chrome wrap, and a fresh exhaust system. We immediately recognized the scope of the challenge and eagerly accepted.

Our first task was to carefully remove the old vinyl wrap and existing carbon fiber pieces. This painstaking process required expert hands and patience, ensuring that the Aventador’s original body remained untouched and ready for its upcoming transformation.

Next came the installation of the new carbon fiber body kit. This kit included the front bumper, a two-piece front lip, lower side skirts, side engine intake side skirts, upper rear engine air intakes, an engine cover, a new rear wing, a rear bumper, and a rear diffuser. These pieces arrived primed and ready for paint but since our plan was to wrap them in gold chrome, we needed to prep them carefully. This process involved sanding down the primer to create a perfectly smooth surface for the chrome vinyl to adhere to reliably.

While we prepped the body kit, we also got to work on installing the new exhaust system, making the Aventador not only look better but sound better too.

The next phase was the most challenging yet rewarding: wrapping the Aventador’s new body pieces in gold chrome vinyl. The process demanded an experienced hand and an eye for detail. Chrome vinyl is notoriously difficult to work with due to its thickness, stiffness, and susceptibility to wrinkling and discoloration. To guarantee both the longevity and visual quality of the wrap, we employed a technique of wrapping in multiple sections, reducing stress on the vinyl during installation and ensuring long-term durability.

Once the exhaust was installed and all body kit panels were covered in the stunning gold chrome, we began the process of reassembling the Aventador. Piece by piece, the car came together, each component contributing to a finished product that was nothing short of breathtaking.

The final step in the transformation was the application of a ceramic coating to protect the vinyl wrap and make future cleaning much easier. This not only provided an additional layer of protection but also added an extra depth and shine to the gold chrome wrap.

And there it was, a Lamborghini Aventador reborn, clad in an exquisite golden chrome armor and equipped with a roaring new exhaust system, ready to take on the world in style. At SpeedEFX, we don’t just modify cars, we create rolling works of art. Keep following our blog to witness more exciting transformations.