HRE Wheels is renowned in the automotive industry for its innovative and high-quality aftermarket wheels.
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Welcome to our HRE Wheels section here at SpeedEFX. A paragon of design, engineering, and craftsmanship, HRE Wheels is renowned in the automotive industry for its innovative and high-quality aftermarket wheels. HRE’s passion for motorsports and dedication to creating the ultimate balance of performance, aesthetics, and product quality are evident in every wheel they produce.

Types of Wheels by HRE


1. Monoblok Series

The Monoblok series, precision-machined from a single piece of aluminum, offers unrivaled strength and lightweight characteristics. This series is known for its cutting-edge designs, perfect for any vehicle seeking a blend of performance and style.

2. Classic Series

Inspired by iconic wheel styles of the past, the Classic Series is perfect for enthusiasts who appreciate a timeless aesthetic. Despite their vintage inspiration, these wheels are built using modern manufacturing techniques, ensuring they meet today’s high-performance demands.

3. 3-Piece Series

The 3-Piece Series offers a trifecta of quality, style, and customization. By configuring the center, inner rim, and outer rim independently, these wheels allow for a high degree of personalization, from fitment to finish.

4. FlowForm Series

The FlowForm Series uses a unique manufacturing process that creates a wheel with the strength of a forged wheel but at a lower price point. These wheels offer a balance of performance, aesthetics, and value.


Wheel Finishes by HRE

HRE offers a range of finishes to ensure your wheels perfectly complement your vehicle:

1. Standard Powder Coat Finishes

The standard palette includes classic shades like Gloss Black, Satin Black, Silver, and Charcoal, offering a timeless and versatile selection.

2. Brushed & Polished Finishes

For those seeking a sophisticated, gleaming aesthetic, HRE offers finishes like Brushed Dark Clear, Brushed Titanium, and Polished Dark Clear.

3. Satin & Matte Finishes

For an understated yet stylish look, consider the Satin or Matte finishes, including options such as Satin Bronze, Satin Gold, and Matte Blue.

4. Custom Finishes

For a truly unique aesthetic, HRE offers custom finishes. Tailored to meet your specific preferences, these options allow you to create a truly one-of-a-kind set of wheels.

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