Superior Materials, Broad Selection, Advanced Features, and a Rich Legacy.
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Welcome to the realm of AWE Exhaust Systems, where cutting-edge technology meets traditional craftsmanship. Our commitment to creating products of the highest quality means that we design and manufacture exhausts that redefine performance, acoustics, and durability.

Materials AWE’s dedication to superior quality is reflected in the materials we choose for our exhaust systems. Our exhausts are primarily built from T304L stainless steel and, in select models, carbon fiber.

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The T304L stainless steel used in our exhausts offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance. It provides the perfect balance of weight, strength, and heat management, delivering uncompromised performance under all driving conditions. Our carbon fiber components add an element of sophistication, offering excellent heat resistance while enhancing the visual appeal of your vehicle.

Broad Selection At AWE, we create exhaust systems for a wide range of vehicles, encompassing luxury vehicles, sports cars, and even off-road models. Our portfolio includes luxury vehicles from brands like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, sports car models from Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari, as well as Jeep, and trucks.

Regardless of the type of car you drive, AWE ensures an exhaust system that will complement your vehicle’s performance and acoustic characteristics, transforming every drive into an exhilarating experience.

Advanced Features What sets AWE Exhaust Systems apart are the innovative features incorporated into each product. Our exhausts come with patented drone-canceling solutions, like the 180 Technology®. This feature is designed to provide a sophisticated, aggressive exhaust note without the unwanted drone commonly associated with performance exhausts.

Additionally, our exhausts feature precision-engineered H-pipe and X-pipe designs for select models, promoting efficient exhaust gas flow and creating a unique, balanced exhaust note.

History Established in 1991, AWE started as a small project in a garage and has now blossomed into a globally recognized leader in the performance exhaust industry. Our Founder and CEO, Todd Sager’s passion for creating a superior driving experience led to the establishment of AWE.

Over the decades, AWE has remained at the forefront of technology, continually pushing the boundaries of exhaust system design and manufacturing. This passion and dedication have resulted in numerous awards, recognitions, and patents, affirming AWE’s position as a pioneer in the aftermarket exhaust industry.

Step up to AWE Exhaust Systems, where every drive is a symphony of power, sound, and unmatched performance. Drive with AWE, experience the difference.

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