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Welcome to SpeedEFX, Colorado’s leading authority on vehicle suspension systems.

With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals and an unwavering commitment to quality, we specialize in a range of suspension modifications designed to enhance your vehicle’s performance, aesthetic, and comfort. Whether your goal is to improve your vehicle’s handling, achieve a specific stance, or bolster off-road capability, SpeedEFX is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to deliver superior results. We specialize in a variety of suspension types, including Lowering Springs, Struts, Coilovers, Air Ride Suspensions, and Modest Lift Kits.

Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs are a popular choice for performance enthusiasts seeking a more aggressive look and enhanced handling. By reducing your vehicle’s center of gravity, lowering springs can decrease body roll and improve cornering performance.



Struts, a key component of your vehicle’s suspension system, offer a combination of spring and shock absorption functionality. Struts play an essential role in absorbing road shocks and maintaining vehicle stability, directly impacting your ride comfort and control.


Coilovers are an all-in-one, adjustable suspension system that allows you to alter your vehicle’s ride height and stiffness to your preference. With a coilover system, you gain the flexibility to customize your vehicle’s stance without compromising on performance.


Air Ride Suspensions

For those seeking the ultimate in customization, we offer Air Ride Suspensions. This advanced suspension system utilizes air springs to provide an incredibly smooth ride and the ability to adjust ride height on the fly. With an air ride suspension, you can achieve a sleek, low stance without sacrificing drivability or comfort.

Modest Lift Kits

For off-road enthusiasts, we provide Modest Lift Kits. These kits increase your vehicle’s ground clearance to accommodate larger tires and provide added capability for off-road adventures. With a modest lift, you can improve your vehicle’s off-road performance while maintaining a comfortable, daily-driver ride quality.

At SpeedEFX, we understand that the right suspension setup can transform your vehicle’s performance and personality. Our team is dedicated to understanding your goals and delivering a customized solution that meets your unique needs. With a meticulous approach and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure your suspension project is a success. Trust SpeedEFX for all your suspension needs, and experience the difference our expertise can make.

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